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Warrant Attorney in Los Angeles

Do you have an outstanding warrant out against you?

Warrants are issued when a court or law enforcement agency requires legal action to be taken against a person, group, business, or other entity. They are essentially legal documents that grant permission for a specific action to be carried out. If you are facing an outstanding warrant of some kind, it is in your best interest to contact a Los Angeles DUI attorney at Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP right away. There are several different warrants available to courts and law enforcement agencies, and they can be issued and carried out regardless of whether or not the target of the warrant is guilty of a crime. These include:

  • Arrest warrants - These allow for the immediate arrest of an individual or individuals.
  • Bench warrants - Similar to arrest warrants, these allow for the detainment of one or more individuals. They are typically issued when a person fails to comply with a court order, and they result in the person appearing before a judge to explain their actions.
  • Search warrants - These allow for the thorough search of a person's property, whether it be a car, home, or office. The purpose of a search warrant is to allow law enforcement to look for evidence of illegal activity.

The Importance of Hiring a Los Angeles DUI Attorney

Having an outstanding warrant against you is a serious matter, and it is not something that will go away without it being addressed. Consult with a skilled attorney in the event that you are facing a warrant, and you will have a much stronger chance of avoiding unwanted consequences such as a search of your property or jail or prison time. Our experienced team of attorneys has helped numerous individuals address their warrants, and in many cases have helped those individuals avoid legal action. Our criminal defense department is available to assist you in addressing your warrant, and may be able to secure an outcome on your behalf that is advantageous to you.

Do not hesitate to contact a Los Angeles arrest warrant lawyer if you require legal help in addressing a warrant out against you.

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