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The Rise in Teenage Substance Abuse

Teen drug abuse is a problem that has consistently risen in recent years. When most people think of teenage substance abuse, they immediately attempt to place the blame on bad parenting. However, according to George Mason University, the largest reason for the increase is not because of bad parenting. The research puts an end to the common practice of blaming the impact of parents. Instead, the blame falls on American culture.

Currently, drinking is considered to be an acceptable pastime for teenagers. The act is used as a form of socialization much as it is for adults. Unlike that of their parental counterparts, drinking with friends is illegal to teens. Those under 21 are looking to older friends to supply them with alcohol, usually within a private or secluded setting. There are, however, a large amount of teenagers that will climb behind the wheel of a car with youthful bravado.

Alcohol reeks of rebellion to adolescents. Society has made drinking such a taboo subject, that those that remain immature and unsure of their identity are turning to the unknown. According to the teenagers questioned, drinking is a form of escape and self-maintained freedom. From a psychological standpoint, this time of self-realization is necessary. From a legal standpoint, it could be severely damaging. Especially if your teen is caught intoxicated behind the wheel.

If your teenager has been arrested for underage drinking and driving, you don't need to feel helpless. Here at Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP we want to help your child deal with their DUI defense. We have a Los Angeles underage DUI attorney that will help build a sturdy defense to present you and your teenager with a new start. Contact a Los Angeles DUI lawyer from our firm today, so that you and your loved ones can begin again.

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