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My Underage Child Was Arrested for a DUI

In today’s society, underage partying is a popular form of entertainment. Perhaps the thrill of knowing that it is illegal is a reason the kids love to do it, unfortunately the results of teen drinking can also lead to teenagers driving under the influence. In the state of California there is a zero tolerance policy for underage people who drink alcohol, and there is absolutely zero tolerance for those who drink underage and then get into a motor vehicle. Many parents are left with the question of what to do when their child is arrested for underage drinking, overcome with fear that their lives will be forever ruined because of a mistake.

Fear not parents, at Floyd, Skeren, & Kelly Criminal Defense Department, we specialize in DUI charges of all different shapes and sizes, and particularly have experience helping those who are caught drinking and driving under the legal drinking age. For the average adult who is pulled over, they will be charged with a DUI if their blood alcohol content level is over 0.08%, however for a minor, if their BAC holds even a 0.01% level of alcohol, then they are liable to be charged with underage drinking and a DUI. At our firm we understand how important it is to let our children learn from their mistakes, however jail time may not be the answer to that.

We want to help minors who face these accusations and prove their innocence and hopefully have their charges dropped completely. While we can make no guarantees, our firm has a high success rate when dealing with DUI charges, so we can say with confidence that our clients are resting in capable hands. There is a small window of opportunity to make an appeal for DUI charges in California, and it is important to contact a defense attorney as soon as possible. There are a few avenues of which we can seek to appeal the charges made against your child.

For example, we will do the necessary research for your case to make sure that our client is properly represented, and if there is any lack of evidence on behalf of the prosecutors, we will do our best to find it. We will search through all the facts about the night of the arrest in specific to see if there are any inconsistences with how the officer on duty handled your case, and if he properly read you the Miranda Rights. There are many loose ends that can be discovered with the proper research, and we will do our best to find those details to help our client. Floyd, Skeren, & Kelly wants to help you in this difficult time, and we are committed to do whatever is necessary to fight for your child who has been accused of an underage DUI charge. Contact us today for more information!

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